John Mayer’s skincare routine

John Mayer is someone we never expected to create a Snapchat story promoting a skincare line. Yet the 38-year-old musician took to Snapchat  to showcase his extensive skincare routine. Guess what? He uses only Natura Bissé products (and they are insanely expensive). Mayer shared a series of pictures highlighting different Natura Bissé products. He dabbed the $590 Natura Bissé Diamond Life Infusion all over his face but applied the $345 Natura Bissé Diamond Extreme Cream only on his CNZs—”Crucial Necessity Zones”:


We think a lot of men should actually take some hints from Mayer. “Skin care in men is just as important as in women, and men can develop lines, wrinkles, and spots just as women can,” says Joshua Zeichner, the director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. But Mayer’s regimen is kind of excessive, so Zeichner says men can definitely pare it down. “It can be difficult to get men to use skincare products, so my most basic advice is to use sunscreen in the morning as primary protection from UV damage and a collagen stimulating product, like retinol, in the evening,” he says.

Today, like Mayer, men want to look their best.  They want clear, healthy skin.  Your man doesn’t have to spend as much as Mayer to have great skin.  BEYOND THE SHAVE is the smart approach to men’s skincare created by Doctors specifically to address men’s shaving needs. This three-step Regimen is clinically proven to alleviate razor irritation and reveal better-looking skin.

Beyond the shave

UNBLEMISH Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash Soften facial hairs for less razor irritation and a smoother shave with this 2-in-1 shave cream and facial cleanser.

Sensitive Skin Treatment Comfort and moisturize freshly shaved skin with proprietary RFp3 peptide technology.

REDEFINE Triple Defense Treatment SPF 30 Smooth and protect skin with this moisturizer, power-packed with peptides and SPF 30.

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